02/19/21 #HighFiveFriday​: KaiNexus Team

Hi Friends, Happy #HighFiveFriday​!

My name is Deondra Wardelle. Fridays are one of my most favorite days of the week because that’s when I:

  • Recognize greatness
  • Celebrate scientific thinkers, and
  • Spotlight everyday problem solvers

Please join me in celebrating today’s #HighFiveFriday​ feature the KaiNexus team! KaiNexus is a continuous improvement software company that aims to use its experience and technology to help spread continuous improvement. The team is being recognized today for two reasons:

First, I applaud their collaboration with Value Capture, LLC and the introduction of VacciNexus. VacciNexus is an easy-to-use, web-based system that allows registered users to share examples of implemented vaccination process improvements.

The KaiNexus team is also being recognized for its voluntary support of the #RootCauseRacism​ movement.

To learn more about how KaiNexus is making the world a better place, one small systematic step at a time, read my newest blog at https://www.deondrawardelle.com/blog​.

Also, please join me in giving the #KaiNexus​ team a big high five by posting a note of “thanks for being so awesome” in the comments of this post! Happy #HighFiveFriday​ KaiNexus Team. You totally ROCK! #HighFiveFriday#LeanCommunicators#VacciNexus#TheColorsofLove#OnToTheNextOne