Chain of Learning: 10 | Unleash Your Leadership Superpower [with Shawn Carner]

What if you had a new superpower that would unlock your leadership potential?

One so simple yet will amplify your impact, open doors to the C-suite, and accelerate engagement across your organization so that you deliver more business results while realizing your vision for a people-focused learning culture?

This episode unveils your superhero cape so you can unleash your leadership superpowers today to lead organizational change.

Tune in to go beyond leadership theory to actual practice of how to pair your technical expertise with the power, influence, and relational skills to become a transformational change leader.

My guest, Shawn Carner, describes how he moved from an operational excellence practitioner to a senior transformation leader at a global biotechnology company – and gives you real examples of how you can too. 

You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of a leader’s purpose in Leading to Learn®: set direction, provide support, and develop yourself
  • The power of daily intention setting, reflection, and journaling to unlock your leadership superpowers
  • How to Break the Telling Habit® and the impact of asking coaching questions
  • What Shawn learned with me on the Japan Study Trip and how he’s applied lean concepts at Genentech
  • The value of intentional leadership behaviors to positively influence organizational culture

Dive into this episode now to discover the transformative superpowers that will amplify your impact and drive success in your organization!

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About my Guest:

Shawn Carner, MBA, is the Director of Operational Excellence at Genentech, part of the Roche Group. An accomplished change agent with a proven ability to develop and implement business process transformations, lead people and deliver business results, Shawn has worked with Genentech since 2005. Shawn is also a talented visual communication expert, a certified ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt, and Master Scuba Instructor.  

Important Links:


  • 2:40: Shawn’s evolution from technical, tool-based operational excellence expert to transformational change leader
  • 5:56: Coaching “kata” and its challenges 
  • 9:28: The power of reflection and journaling
  • 15:26: Breaking the Telling Habit and the power of asking questions
  • 21:16: Shawn’s leadership superpower
  • 22:54:The impact of Shawn’s superpower on his team and organization
  • 33:30: The power of attending Katie’s Japan Study Trip and the importance of aligning lean principles with organizational culture
  • 40:33: Shifting from operational excellence doer to transformational change leader
  • 41:55: The need for leaders to show up differently to impact culture positively
  • 43:16: The importance of intentionally building capabilities, growing people, and getting them to think