Chain of Learning: 12 | Beyond Appearances: Building Real Continuous Improvement [with Patrick Adams]

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What is the difference between authentic cultures of continuous improvement versus superficial displays? 

In this episode, Patrick Adams shares his insights on the heart of organizational culture and transformational leadership and highlights the essential elements of a real culture of continuous improvement — so that you can ensure that you and your organization get it right.

The truth is, there are no quick fixes, “silver bullets,” or prescribed roadmaps to achieve a high-performing organization. 

Patrick shares how a long-term commitment and leadership behaviors are necessary to sustain cultures that foster growth, innovation, and people engagement.

If you want to know how to create a real culture of continuous improvement, one where leaders embody the humility to roll up their sleeves, demonstrate respect for their people and customers, and connect everyone to a long-term vision built on purpose, this episode is for you.


Patrick Adams the founder of Lean Solutions and is the best-selling author of “Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap”. He’s a sought-after leadership coach, consultant, and professional speaker. Patrick’s insights, drawn from extensive experience working with companies of diverse industries and sizes, are driven by a philosophy of constant learning and leadership commitment—essential for building organizational excellence.


  • The key elements of an authentic continuous improvement culture, including respect for people, stable processes, leadership behaviors, and more.
  • How quick fixes and pre-packaged roadmaps do not achieve real continuous improvement.
  • The warning signs of a “continuous appearance” culture, including KPI instability, silos, and not understanding employee and customer value. 
  • About Patrick’s experience on my Japan Study Trip and why he believes it’s a pivotal experience for any lean practitioner or executive seeking to build a real culture of kaizen and lasting continuous improvement in their organization.
  • How long-term success is built on creating value for customers, fostering a stable environment, and ensuring that improvement initiatives are aligned with the company’s overarching vision and goals.

Tune in now for insights and strategies to empower you with knowledge of how to lead your company toward a real, lasting culture of continuous improvement.   


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  • [04:18] What an authentic culture of improvement looks like
  • [13:06] How people development, critical thinking skills, and leadership behaviors lead to company-specific results
  • [14:52] Why committing to a long-term vision, not quick fixes, is key to building a continuous improvement culture
  • [20:20] What makes a culture of continuous appearance
  • [25:21] Practical tips for internal CI and lean leaders to create positive change immediately
  • [31:18] Patrick’s highlights from Katie’s May 2023 Japan Study Trip 

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