Chain of Learning: 15 | 5 Steps to Revitalize Lifelong Learning

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Want to know the secret to success?

It’s about embracing lifelong learning, being willing to try new things and seek out information, setting intentions to get better, and embracing the failures that come with learning your way forward.

I believe when we stay in learning – a learning attitude, mindset, and practice – anything is possible. 

Being a “learning enthusiast” is a foundational part of who I am. It’s given me the courage to step out into the unknown and, ultimately, has catapulted my personal growth and leadership impact.  

In this week’s episode, you’ll discover the 5 core attributes I believe are the heart of becoming a Lifelong Learning Enthusiast, one of the competencies in my Change KATALYST™ model, and how you can leverage them to drive your success too.

 So, if you’re ready to revitalize your commitment to learning and enhance your personal, team, and organizational impact, you’re in the right place.


  • The importance of embracing new challenges and knowledge with a learning mindset
  • The power of actively seeking feedback for transformative growth
  • How to be intentional with what you’re trying to improve and the necessary role of reflection in the learning process
  • A framework for becoming more adaptable, adjusting what you’re doing based on new knowledge and insights 
  • How to lead by example with vulnerability and clarity in purpose to create a learning culture and grow your Chain of Learning®



  • [00:00] An introduction to being a lifelong learner
  • [1:15] Some of Katie’s personal experiences as a lifelong learner
  • [9:26] What’s at risk if you don’t make regular learning a priority 
  • [12:32] Step #1 – Actively embracing new experiences and knowledge
  • [14:50 ] Step #2 – Being receptive to and proactively seeking out feedback and suggestions
  • [17:40] Step #3 – Setting time for intentional practice and reflection
  • [19:44] Step #4 – Adapting and addressing your approach based on new knowledge and insights 
  • [21:42] Step #5 – Modeling the way as a lifelong learning enthusiast
  • [26:19] Katie’s recommendation for the best way to stay in learning

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