Chain of Learning: 4 | Leading for Impact: The Power of Being Over Doing

How can simple phrase can change your perspective on you as a person and as a leader?

“Don’t focus on how to DO, but rather on how to BE.”   

In this episode, I explore this meaningful and powerful quote and the impact it has had on me. It reaffirmed what I know to be true about the essence of leadership and making impact personally and professionally.

And it highlights what we often get wrong in our approach to leading organizational cultural transformation and how we try to get results. We focus more on the DOING than the BEING. 

In this episode of Chain of Learning you will learn:

  • The story behind this quote
  • How to significantly shift your – your team’s – productivity and happiness by “being” rather than just “doing”.
  • How completing an initiative and applying the technical side of problem-solving isn’t always the desired outcome
  • Why it is so hard for us to focus on being rather than doing
  • Three tips I have for you to stay more focused on BEING

Tune in now to this episode of Chain of Learning podcast. It’ll help you identify your priorities and find new ways to lead your team from a renewed perspective. Learn how to be and the results will follow.  

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In this episode, you can expect to learn:

  • 01:10: Discussion on ‘how to be’ versus ‘how to do’
  • 04:28: Key takeaway “Don’t focus on how to do but rather on how to be.”
  • 07:05: Case study – Operational Excellence Practitioners
  • 10:16: Learnings from Toyota Leader Isao Yoshino
  • 12:13: Being vs Doing in Leadership
  • 16:12: Achieving Balance between Being and Doing
  • 17:03: Drawing Exercise for Self-introspection
  • 22:42: Taking an Intention Pause
  • 24:31: Importance of Intentional Pauses
  • 26:38: Relation of Being with Organizational Learning
  • 28:04: Invitation to Learning Experience in Japan