Chain of Learning: 5 | Achieve More by Performing Less [with Eduardo Briceño]

Have you ever felt burned out and exhausted from the constant pressure to perform, to achieve, or to get it “right”? 

Or is your organization putting a lot of effort into improvement projects and strategic initiatives, but you are finding that you aren’t making much improvement and you are working on the same problems year after year?

If so, you might be stuck in what growth mindset and learning organization expert Eduardo Briceño calls the “Performance Paradox”. This is the counterintuitive reality that a constant focus on performing actually leads to lower performance. 

The secret to high performance is not actually working harder, but learning better. 

You won’t want to miss this episode of Chain of Learning with Eduardo Briceño where we talk about his book “The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset into Action” and how you can master the Learning Zone to achieve better performance.

In this episode of Chain of Learning you will learn:

  • How you can turn a growth mindset into action by balancing the “Performance Zone” and the “Learning Zone”
  • The risk for you and your organization if you get stuck in chronic performance 
  • The impact of seeking and receiving feedback on performance and improvement
  • 5 tips to embed growth and learning micro-habits for yourself and within your organization  
  • How you can create the organizational conditions that result in a high-performing learning culture

Tune in to discover the impact that overcoming the Performance Paradox – and mastering the Learning Zone – can have on you, your team, and your organization. 

About My Guest: Eduardo Briceño

Eduardo Briceño is a global keynote speaker, facilitator, and bestselling author of “The Performance Paradox: Turning the Power of Mindset Into Action.” He works with many of the world’s leading companies in developing cultures of learning and high performance. 

Eduardo co-founded Mindset Works – the pioneer in bringing growth mindset strategies into organizations – with Stanford Professor Carol Dweck (my guest on Chain of Learning Episode 3). 

His TED talks, “How to Get Better at Things You Care About” & “The Power of Belief”  have been viewed over nine million times, and he has been featured in publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Fast Company.

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00:39: Understanding the Performance Paradox

01:14: The secret to high performance

03:03: What is the performance paradox?

04:20: Connection between growth mindset and performance paradox

05:24: The impact of learning how to change

07:19: Discussion on performance and learning culture

13:04: Understanding the dangers of staying in chronic performance

17:22: Overcoming challenges of limited time for learning

19:58: Micro intention and reflection during learning

21:32: Leadership learning and challenges

26:56: Advice for leading change & building a learning culture

32:51: Upcoming chain of learning episodes