KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — A Poka-Yoke Primer: Mistake-Proofing and Error Reduction [Webinar]

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9A0Zlf_048&ab_channel=KaiNexus

As presented by John Grout on 1/17/24. Hosted by Mark Graban of KaiNexus.

This webinar is a 60-minute primer into mistake-proofing (a.k.a. poka-yoke). Information about the basics of mistake-proofing, why people make mistakes, and how to start the process of reducing mistakes will be presented in a fast-moving and entertaining format.

  • Build awareness of mistake-proofing
  • Introduce a concise presentation format: “pecha kucha,” with 20 slides x 0:20 seconds each = 6:40 minutes (we’ll do two of these with discussion in between).
  • What is mistake-proofing?
  • Include lots of examples
  • Why do people err?
  • How can design eliminate errors?
  • Next steps in implementation

John Grout is the David C. Garrett Jr. Professor, former dean, and award-winning teacher in the Campbell School of Business at Berry College. Dr. Grout has researched lean supply chain management and mistake-proofing (a.k.a. Poka-Yoke) extensively and published numerous articles on the topic. John was awarded the Shingo Prize for his paper, “The Human Side of Mistake-Proofing” with Douglas Stewart. John has also consulted with a large variety of firms to mistake-proof their processes.