KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Ask Us Anything! Episode 26

Join us for episode 26 of our popular Ask Us Anything webinar series to listen to questions answered by this dynamic duo from KaiNexus’ team of continuous improvement experts: Mark Graban & Greg Jacobson.

Topics and Questions Today Are:

Can you provide guidance on how to determine performance indicators? I am in the business of certification exams and most of my work is focused on coaching working groups to reduce process waste and creating solutions to challenges that resulted in errors. I’m struggling to apply the manufacturing indicators to my core business but totally see the relationship and its applicability. Help?

Do you have any culture change improvement activities you like the most or believe to be effective?

What are improvement or problem solving methods that are more efficient for the beginning of the improvement journey? Lean, Six Sigma, DMAIC, Design thinking, TRIZ, or what else?

How can we defeat silos an in organisation with interrelated departmental functions to attain synchronicity in the service delivery, especially with Lean Healthcare initiative?

(1) What use cases are available to provide insight into the adoption of KaiNexus? (2) Do you have a curriculum to help onboard new people to using KaiNexus?