KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Ask Us Anything! Episode #27 with Mark Graban and Greg Jacobson, MD from KaiNexus

Join us for episode 27 of our popular Ask Us Anything webinar series to listen to questions answered by this dynamic duo from KaiNexus’ team of continuous improvement experts: Mark Graban & Greg Jacobson. Topics and Questions Today Are: Why is Greg bouncing up and down? How do you convince management that implementing Lean is a long-term methodology? Whist CI has been around for a long time, with many different tools of CI, what are the most recent new tools or systems of CI that are gathering momentum in the manufacturing industry primarily? “How do you currently measure success with customers? For example: Voice of the Customer (VOC) metric? Not “”Voice of the Business””, i.e. account sales, etc.