KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Ask Us Anything Episode #8, Graban & Jacobson

In episode #8 of our series, Greg Jacobson, MD & Mark Graban talk about topics including:

– Who were you rooting for in the NBA Finals? (fun topic to get started)
– What are the ultimate challenges to have a successful Lean Journey?
– How is the deployment approach different for a transformational change vs incremental change?
– To influence change in a hierarchical organization like government, where in the org chart should the continuous improvement team sit?
– What is the best means of assessing employee engagement levels in organizations?
– if your department is spending 90% of its time “keeping the lights on”, how do you start a continuous improvement culture so that you can reduce it to less than 80%
– What is the most effective way to implement a daily lean management system?
– Does Lean drive supply chain excellence?