KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Ask Us Anything, Episode 9

In episode #9 of our series, Greg & Mark talk answer questions such as:

– You’re busy guys, where was your last vacation?

– What book have you most recently read?

– What key company culture promotes continuous improvement? – What’s one element?

– For more than 10 years, our full time OE group has followed a ground up approach. A combination of the competitive climate in our industry and some recent success we’ve had with rapid kaizen have helped senior leaders see that they need Lean education so they can be active lean leaders. What do you recommend we do (and avoid doing) to train them well?

– I was wondering if you, Dr. Jacobson, or Mark Graban could expand on your comment “health care is a decade or more behind many other high-risk industries in its attention to ensuring basic safety.” Some say — Medical errors now third leading cause of death in United States… possibly 251,454 per year. Has any other high risk industry ever had a fraction of that many deaths? I understand that this number is an estimate, but I feel healthcare is far behind a decade. Would love to hear more.

– How can we measure the level of employees’ engagement? What measures can we use? Is there an assessment tool?