KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Ask Us Anything! Part 3

We recently hosted a webinar called “Ask Us Anything” in which we asked people to, well, ask us anything. It was so popular that we hardly made a dent in the number of awesome questions everyone submitted.

So, we’ve been answering more questions in a series of videos (see our playlist: https://youtu.be/GHnUsV_UYoo?list=PLscA9mcmPxeDXL5HdKKDosfXFoc4X3STO

Watch this recording to hear us talk about:

Informal problem solving methods that are effective with the front line staff

Rolling out technology along with a methodology and leadership behaviors. What happens if you get a huge flood of ideas at first?

How can continuous improvement, in the form of Lean, or Lean practitioners become part of the strategy or the decision-making process of high level management?

Considering a company with a Balanced Scorecard and KPI in place, what are your recommendations to define the most effective connection with Lean?

How to help move the executive team from “I support” to “I commit”?

Best advice for coaching leadership towards an environment that promotes respect and trust for people in turn giving the people the foundation to bring ideas forward safely.