KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Katie Anderson Follow-up Q&A: Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

This is a follow up to this recorded webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e_UlPjRd7Vc

In this video, Katie answers some of the great questions that we didn’t have time to address. She’s joined by Mark Graban, who poses the questions and joins in on the discussion.

Her book: https://kbjanderson.com/learning-to-lead/


Thinking about the quote, “a practical style is more important than precision when setting targets.” Can you say a bit more about what that might look like in practice or with a concrete example?

What if you’re not a formal leader but an informal leader. How do your intentions change? I coach facility CI Managers but they don’t report to me.

I have many similar Toyota experiences to Yoshino san…….did Yoshino san have any experiences of people who really didn’t want to think and be developed?

You mentioned the “What and How” to ask open ended questions. How do you get to asking the 5 whys by using the what and how?

What is a good way to start with direction setting as a manager/formal leader if your company isn’t using Hoshin Kanri yet?

Do you find that your personal purpose/mission aligns with your career purpose?

What is the very first step to change culture in an organization?

What you suggest to create a culture that let people generate ideas ?