KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Matthew Cannistraro Webinar Preview

Matthew Cannistraro, of the J.C. Cannistraro company, is one of those leaders and customers. He gave an excellent presentation at last year’s user conference, a talk that was focused on capturing “bottom up” improvement ideas in the workplace. The talk was so well received that we asked him to expand upon it for a webinar… and that’s coming up on February 23.

I had a brief discussion with Matthew the other day and we captured it as a podcast to preview his webinar titled “The Intersection of Culture and Technology: Capturing Improvement Where it Happens.”

In our discussion, he starts by introducing himself and his company, a family-owned mechanical contracting company, based in Boston. He was exposed to KaiNexus when they were doing some 5S improvement work and discovered they needed a platform to help track their ideas and progress.