KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Panel Discussion: Sharing Our Visions and Voices to #RootCauseRacism

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Presented by Deondra Wardelle and a panel that includes the original founders of The Women in Lean:

Karyn Ross
Crystal Y. Davis
Dorsey Sherman

Have you been listening to the heartbeat of what’s going on in the world? Activists are calling for an end to systemic racism and social injustice. There’s an urgent demand for change. Have you been wondering how you can become more involved?

Starting on August 8, 2020, you’ll have the chance to join Deondra R. Wardelle and her network of colleagues from the continuous improvement community and other industries, as they present an insightful week-long series of blog articles at LeanBlog.org.

Join us for the online series called “Sharing Our Visions and Voices to #RootCauseRacism.” Experience the dynamic and heart-felt writing of our bloggers, as they provide you with tangible anti-racism countermeasures. Experience the feeling of empowerment, as they share specific actions that you can implement within your own circle of influence.

As a grand finale to our blog series, you’re also invited to attend a webinar panel discussion on Friday, August 14, at 1pm EDT. Our discussion panelists include Karyn Ross, Crystal Davis, and Dorsey Sherman, original founders of The Women in Lean. These continuous improvement experts will answer questions and spotlight key points about the anti-racism calls to action that were shared earlier in our blog series.

Don’t miss this opportunity to make significant change in your own community. Register today for “Sharing our Visions and Voices to #RootCauseRacism.”