KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — Webinar Preview: Burn Your Ships!

This is a preview of Taryn’s webinar, to be presented on August 14 at 1 pm ET, “Burn Your Ships! Generating Momentum for Sustained Change.”

To register, visit https://info.kainexus.com/continuous-improvement/culture-of-continuous-improvement/sustain/burn-your-ships/webinar/signup

Taryn Davis holds her Master’s of Library and Information Science from the University of Denver and has a background in Continuous Improvement and Organizational Development. She is a thought pioneer in organizational excellence and seeks to bring people into a space where work is workable for all employees, from the upper echelons of the C-Suite to the line workers on the shop floor. Her passion is engineering processes and products that serve the well-being of the people responsible for and to them.