KaiNexus Continuous Improvement Podcast — When Being Right is the Wrong Strategy for Change – Mark Graban from KaiNexus

Watch Mark Graban's keynote entitled “When Being Right is the Wrong Strategy for Change” from the 2018 KaiNexus User Conference to learn how you can become a better leader of continuous improvement.

Slides and More: https://www.markgraban.com/kainexus2018/

Join Mark Graban, an acclaimed author and consultant, in his enlightening keynote address at the 2018 KaiNexus User Conference. In this presentation, titled “When Being Right is the Wrong Strategy for Change,” Mark delves into the intricate dynamics of leadership and change management. Drawing from his vast experience and insights, he explores the often-overlooked psychological aspects of leading continuous improvement in any organization.

Mark challenges conventional wisdom by arguing that being factually correct is not always the most effective way to inspire change. Instead, he introduces a more nuanced approach that balances knowledge with empathy and understanding. Through a series of engaging slides, Mark illustrates the transition from a directive style of leadership (akin to a 'cop') to a more collaborative and counseling approach. He emphasizes the significance of understanding the 'why' behind actions and the power of asking others why they would want to engage in change, thereby fostering a more inclusive and motivational environment.

This presentation is particularly valuable for leaders looking to drive sustainable change. It provides actionable insights into the psychology of change, motivational interviewing techniques, and the importance of resisting the 'righting reflex' — the natural tendency to correct others. Mark showcases how to create an atmosphere that encourages open dialogue, self-motivation, and a shared vision for change.

By the end of this keynote, viewers will gain a deeper understanding of:
– The difference between enforcing compliance and fostering genuine change.
– Strategies to move from being a 'cop' to a 'coach' to a 'counselor' in leadership roles.
– The concept of Motivational Interviewing and its application in leadership and change management.
– Techniques to engage in more effective conversations about change and resistance.
– Understanding and navigating one's own ambivalence and that of others in the context of change.

Discover more about Mark Graban and his work by visiting [MarkGraban.com](https://www.markgraban.com/) and [LeanBlog.org](https://www.leanblog.org/). For additional resources related to this presentation, please visit [MarkGraban.com/KaiNexus2018](https://www.markgraban.com/KaiNexus20….

Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and approach to change management. Watch now and start your journey towards more impactful and empathetic leadership!