Chain of Learning: 1 | Welcome to Chain of Learning

The pressure to get results and outcomes, to deliver value for customers, and to stay ahead of the competition remains paramount for organizations to survive into the future. 

But what if the way to not just survive –  but also to thrive – is not through a singular focus on the outcomes themselves, but rather the learning process to get there?

If you’re a leader who believes that people are at the center of exceptional organizational culture – and that a commitment to continuous learning is the way to create that culture – where everyone is capable, confident and empowered to solve problems and innovate at all levels – this podcast is for you!

Welcome to Chain of Learning!

Your Leadership Connection to Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement

This is your trusted resource for actionable strategies and practices to empower you to build a people-centered learning culture, get results and expand your impact, so that you AND your team, can leave a lasting legacy.

This new podcast is hosted by me, Katie Anderson. I’m an internationally recognized leadership consultant, keynote speaker, author of the award-winning book Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn – and learning enthusiast.

If you are like me, you believe in learning and continuous improvement. You know the impact this can have on people, teams, and organizations. You have a passion for solving important problems, improving processes, and achieving goals. You thrive on the challenge of figuring out how to make something better. And you love learning and improving. But more importantly, you too are inspired by creating connections between people and ideas, and what it means to help others learn, grow, and achieve more than they thought was possible. 

This is what you can expect from Chain of Learning:

  • Learn from me and other thought leaders and professionals about how to achieve your goal of creating a thriving people-centered culture of continuous improvement and achieve business results
  • Walk away with tangible practices and strategies that you can apply immediately 
  • Discover how you can become a highly influential change leader who accelerates the rate of learning and impact in your organization.

What is a “Chain of Learning”?

Chain of Learning® is one of my core principles. We are all leaders and learners – connected together by the bond between us. There is no strength in isolated links. We learn and improve better – together – and it’s why I started this podcast.

A Chain of Learning is a metaphor for what a successful people-centered learning organization is all about – the connection and support between people to learn through success and failure alike,  grow, and achieve more than they could have on their own. This is the power of our Chain of Learning. 

At my core, I believe: When we stay in learning, anything is possible.

In this introductory episode, I explore this and more. I invite you to hit play. Be sure to subscribe or follow and share it with your friends and colleagues so we can all strengthen our Chain of Learning® – together. 

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In this episode you can expect to learn:

00:00: Introduction to this podcast Chain of Learning
02:07: Challenges in developing a people-centred learning culture
03:26: Goals for the Chain of Learning podcast
04:16: Upcoming discussions with global thought leaders
06:43: Concept behind Chain of Learning
08:17: Request to subscribe and share the podcast.