Chain of Learning: 2 | Leading with the Heart to Create a Culture of Continuous Learning [with Jamie Parker]

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What does it really take to create a thriving organization  – one that is not just focused on delivering results, but doing so by engaging people’s minds AND hearts to collaborate, innovate, and solve problems as the way to get to those results?

If you’re trying to create a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement, what’s love got to do with it?

As Jamie Parker and I explore on this episode of Chain of Learning  – a lot! Love, empathy, and human connection is our focus – and you just might walk away singing a little Tina Turner too.

Learn how you can leverage human connection, empathy, and – yes – love – to more effectively lead, coach, and create a high performing organization.

You won’t want to miss an episode to discover the impact fostering a growth mindset and developing human connection has on delivering the results you need.

What you can expect to take away from this episode:

  • The value of sharing struggles and challenges to foster a culture of learning
  • Our key takeaways from GE’s The Lean Mindset event, including hearing from leaders like GE CEO Larry Culp, PG&E CEO Patti Poppe, Ford CEO Jim Farley, Chef Wolfgang Puck, basketball superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo, Professor Carol Dweck, and many more
  • How leading from the heart, with love and empathy, makes us more effective leaders
  • How to more effectively listen and Break the Telling Habit®
  • That a focus on people is the way to achieve results.

Tune in now to discover how you can bring more love, empathy, and human connection into your leadership approach to engage your people, get better results, and build a culture of continuous learning.

About My Guest: Jamie Parker

Jamie Parker is the trusted partner for operational leaders and manufacturing executives seeking to create a high-performance culture and transformational growth, and has been a friend of mine since we met a half-decade ago. 

This conversation is the second half of a two-part conversation that she and I had about GE’s recent event, The Lean Mindset: The Pursuit of Progress. You can catch the first part on Jamie’s podcast “Lean Leadership for Ops Managers”.

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In this episode, you can expect to learn

  • 00:00: Introduction and overview of the podcast
  • 01:35: Introduction of Jamie Parker
  • 01:52: Discussion about GE Lean Mindset event
  • 04:23: Tips on fostering growth and continuous improvement mindset
  • 08:52: Leading with love and empathy
  • 11:03: Challenge for the listeners
  • 14:05: Leading with intention
  • 18:05: The role of emotion and love in the workplace
  • 20:29: Reflection on the conversation and event
  • 20:59: Launch of the Chain of Learning Podcast
  • 21:41: Introduction to Jamie’s podcasts and the importance of subscribing
  • 22:02: Post-event discussion with Mark Graben and Jim Womack
  • 22:41: Reflecting on empathy and human connection in leadership
  • 22:57: Subscribe to Chain of Learning podcast
  • 23:09: Preview of episode three with Professor Carol Dweck

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