Leading to Learn with Katie Anderson: Author Interview with Joshua Plenert: How We Go

Welcome to another installment of my author interview series. I am really excited to talk with Joshua Plenert about his new book, “How We Go: Culture-Centric Leadership, High-Functioning Enterprise” and to explore some of the connections that we share about where we’ve lived globally and what it means to really be an effective leader, to create a people-centered learning culture of improvement.

Please enjoy some of the highlights from this interview.

(3:04) What inspired you to write this book in the first place?

(5:00) What question does How We Go answer?

(6:41) What advice do you have for managers and leaders on how to simplify culture change?

(8:13) How did you come up with the title How We Go? And how does it connect to this concept of simplifying culture change?

(10:30) How do you define cultural central centric leadership and what makes it so effective?

(15:15) What is one thing you learned more clearly through the process of writing the book?

(17:30) What is one leadership lesson you’ve personally had to change that has had a huge impact?

(20:45) What’s one question that you are not usually asked about the book or that I haven’t asked today? And what is that question and what is your answer?

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