Leading to Learn with Katie Anderson: Author Interview with Lynn Kelley: Change Questions

Welcome to another installment of my author interview series. I am really excited to talk with Dr. Lynn Kelley about her new book “Change Questions” and to explore the writing process.

Please enjoy some of the highlights from this interview.

How did you and John Shook come to collaborate on creating this book out of the change questions you’d been using? (3:40)

The book is inspired by you learning from failure. Could you share with us one of the “failures” that really stuck with you and that helped influence how you lead change? (9:21)

Where do you advise change leaders to start with these change questions? (13:50)

Could you share a little bit about your personal change experience and how that helped you learn how to lead change even more effectively when working with others? (16:33)

What have you learned through the process of writing the book (and perhaps in the collaboration with John as part of that process) that helped you understand the change questions differently? (22:52)

How did you resolve that for yourself? (25:50)

I love that you have a workbook that accompanies the book to really make it an interactive and reflective learning experience. Can you share with us how you came to integrate the workbook into the book and its purpose? (27:16)

What’s one question that I haven’t asked here, or you’re not usually asked about the book or about leading change that you would like to ask yourself and answer? (30:30)

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