Lean Blog Interviews — 161: Steve Bell, Lean IT

Steve Bell, author (most recently) of the book Run Grow Transform: Integrating Business and Lean IT is my guest for episode #161 of my Podcast series. Steve is a fellow faculty member for the Lean Enterprise Institute and he is also a founder of Lean4NGO.org that works with non-profits in the developing world. He is also founder of Lean IT Strategies, LLC, coaching IT professionals as they partner with their business colleagues to meet the challenges and exploit the opportunities in the rapidly changing, technology-enabled business landscape. In this episode, Steve talks about: – Why “Lean Thinking” is important in IT – What is “Lean IT,” including some success stories – How do agile, scrum, Lean IT, and Lean Startups fit together? – His upcoming LEI workshop in San Francisco this February – Lean4NGO initiative