Lean Blog Interviews — 200: Paul Spiegelman, “Patients Come Second”

My guest for episode 200 is Paul Spiegelman, author of the book Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing the Way You Lead. Today, we’re talking about his book and its provocative title – what do you mean patients don’t come first? What about this trend for “patient-centered care” (and why wasn’t it patient-centered to begin with?). In the podcast, Paul talks about: The book’s title and how it was meant to be provocative Why focusing on engaged employees leads to better patient care and more success for the organization How do we crate engagement? Why is it important to connect things to purpose and values? Why is being vulnerable important and why is that the sign of a strong leader? And more…. Please leave a comment and join the discussion about the podcast by visiting the blog page for this episode at http://www.leanblog.org/200. For earlier episodes of the Lean Blog Podcast, visit the main Podcast page at www.leanpodcast.org, which includes information on how to subscribe via RSS or via Apple iTunes.