Lean Blog Interviews — 206: Ed Pound, “Factory Physics for Managers”

My guest for episode #206 is Ed Pound, co-author of the book Factory Physics for Managers: How Leaders Improve Performance in a Post-Lean Six Sigma World that was released in April. It is, of course, a new version of the original Factory Physics textbook that I used in college and was the subject of Podcast #25 with Prof. Mark Spearman. Ed is the chief operations officer of Factory Physics, Inc., a company started by Spearman. In the podcast, we talk about the term “Factory Physics” (including the origin of the term) and what it means, including understanding the relationships between capacity, throughput, inventory, and variability. Ed also brings up great points about “dogma” versus manufacturing science, including dogma that can get companies in trouble, including: – Thou shalt have no finished goods inventory – Thou shalt have single piece flow, always – Thou shalt always have a moving assembly line We also talk about the subtitle of the book and what he means by a “post-Lean Six Sigma world” (it doesn’t mean a world without Lean or Six Sigma). It’s a great discussion and I hope you’ll enjoy it, even if you don’t work in factories. The lessons and ideas are certainly applicable. For a link to this episode, refer people to www.leanblog.org/206. For earlier episodes of the Lean Blog Podcast, visit the main Podcast page at www.leanpodcast.org, which includes information on how to subscribe via RSS or via Apple iTunes. Podcasts are sponsored by KaiNexus and their continuous improvement software platform — www.KaiNexus.com