Lean Leadership Podcast — Episode 052 : Rick Bohan – The Importance of Conversation in Lean

Today’s guest is Rick Bohan,

Rick is the Owner and Director of Chagrin River Consulting in Chagrin Falls, Ohio.  Rick’s route in his path to working in lean and continuous improvement started with a mining company in eastern Kentucky, teaching miners about safety, and has progressed over the years in helping steel mills, hotels, and manufacturing companies implement lean manufacturing initiatives and developing growth-oriented strategic plans.  Rick’s humility shows through on his LinkedIn profile where he says:

“I’d like to say that I’ve been successful at helping the companies that have hired me both as an employee and as a consultant. And, in a way, I have. But, really, it was the managers and employees at those companies that were successful. I just got them pointed in the right direction, gave them some tools and ideas, and facilitated their conversations about making needed changes. They did all the heavy lifting.”


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