Lean Leadership Podcast — Episode 053 : Tracy Defoe – Learning Together with Toyota Kata

Today’s guest is Tracy Defoe,

Tracy Defoe is an adult education consultant specializing in workplace learning. Her work history includes research, teaching, and program development – much of which culminates in peer-led learning.

She is a proud Kata Geek and a humble lean practitioner. For more than 10 years, Tracy has been learning, coaching, and sharing her experiences with the Improvement and Coaching Kata described in Mike Rother’s book The Toyota Kata Practice Guide. 

Tracy is keen on building community and connecting people. She is co-founder of the worldwide online community Kata Girl Geeks, and of Kata School Cascadia. She also facilitates the Kata Coaching Dojo.

She is a frequent speaker at conferences including KataCon & KataCon Europe. 



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Tracy’s Company The Learning Factor

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The Toyota Kata Practice Guide: Practicing Scientific Thinking Skills for Superior Results in 20 Minutes a Day