Lean Leadership Podcast — Episode 055 : Paul Critchley – With Lean If You Don’t Quit, You Don’t Fail

Today’s guest is Paul Critchley,

Paul Critchley is a recognized thought leader on employee engagement and continuous improvement and has helped businesses around the world achieve greater levels of success through the application of Lean techniques. A frequent speaker, he has keynoted at numerous corporate events, as well as at international conventions such as AME’s annual Lean conference and at OpEx Week.

He’s also the host of “The New England Lean Podcast”, a weekly show that features management thought leaders, TED speakers, world-renowned authors, and university professors. Paul is also a regular writer and contributor to publications such as Industry Week and Quality Magazines.

Paul is a former Board Member of the Northeast Region of AME, holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.S. degree in Management, and a M.S. in Organizational Leadership. He is a proud supporter of CT’s “Skill up for Manufacturing” program. He is passionate about Lean and creating organizational cultures that are sustainably engaged. 

He co-authored his first book – The Whole Professional, A Collection of Essays to Help You Achieve a Full and Satisfying Life to bring a fresh perspective on Work/Life Balance and how individuals and organizations can work together to achieve greater levels of attainment.



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