Lean Leadership Podcast — Episode 057 : Julie Simmons – The Importance of Being a Kata Learner Before Becoming a Coach

Today’s guest is Julie Simmons,

I’m really excited about our guest today.  I was lucky enough to interview both Tracy Defoe in episode 53 and Gemma Jones in episode 54 and they talked about Kata Girl Geeks, which if you haven’t checked it out yet, is an awesome community of women who are growing and learning together.  Both Tracy and Gemma both suggested that I reach out and talk to our guest today Julie Simmons and I’m glad I did.

Aside from recently being voted volunteer of the year for 2021 for Kata Girl Geeks, Julie currently works with her husband Scott as part of the Scott Wade Simmons & Associates, LLC providing leadership coaching and training in Strategy Development and Deployment, Leadership Development, and the Improvement Kata & Coaching Kata. Julie’s passion is helping others develop their skills, capabilities, and confidence to solve complex challenges in their organizations using scientific thinking. Julie has had the honor to be a frequent speaker and presenter at KataCon.

Folks in the Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington area are familiar with Julie’s 15 years of leadership at the Northwest High-Performance Enterprise Consortium. Prior to that, she worked for The Boeing Company for 14 years in various roles including her work as a manufacturing process analyst where she became a Certified Accelerated Improvement workshop leader and supported several Shingajitsu led kaizen events.

Julie’s passion for helping others really shows through.  I am sure you will enjoy this conversation as much as I did.  Here’s our guest today, Julie Simmons.



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