Lean Leadership Podcast — Episode 063: Jeff Kaas – The Power of Principle Based Thinking With Humility

Today’s guest is Jeff Kaas

I’ve had several guests of the podcast encourage me that I needed to speak to our guest today.

When I reached out to Jeff about being on the podcast, he emailed me back and said, “Let’s chat first, I want to get to know you.”  We ended up having one of the coolest conversations that I’ve had in my lean journey.  I wish that I had pressed record and had that conversation to share but I’m really pleased to share our scheduled interview because Jeff is a leader that just leads in a different way and is one of the most humble company Presidents that I have ever met.

Jeff is President of Kaas Tailored a company that focuses on upholstery solutions and design services and also now produces PPE in Mukilteo, Washington. In the mid 90’s they were offered to learn Lean from an airplane manufacturer in Washington.  That led them to take one of the first of several learning trips to Japan that transformed the way Kass Tailored approach their people and work in their company and how they teach other companies to do the same.  

Now several decades later they are doing incredible work and have a team that is “committed to creating a culture of continuous improvement so that our workplace can be one of joy and learning.” 


Here’s our guest Jeff Kaas.

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