Lean Six Sigma Bursts: E106: The Lean Journey at Rockwell Collins with Clay Jones – Part 3

This is part 3 of the 2006 speech given by Rockwell Collins CEO, Clay Jones. I worked at Rockwell Collins from 1999-2017, and was heavily involved in the Lean Electronics program.

In this clip, you'll hear him discuss why they brought in some external consultants like John Shook and Denny Mead to try and figure out why all the improvements were not showing an impact on the bottom-line results or other key metrics. The RC Scorecard was developed to give a balanced view across the company, and it included a critical metric, called Cost of Nonconformance (CONC), which I was heavily involved with. He also discusses how leadership needed to become more engaged in value stream mapping to help drive the right improvements in the right areas by following the new “Lean Roadmap.”

You can watch the entire video at ⁠⁠http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/16101-leading-rockwell-collins-lean-transformation⁠⁠

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