Lean Six Sigma Bursts: E68: Lean Six Sigma Virtual Coaching and Certification Program Starting in 2023

In this episode, I explain a new virtual coaching program I’m launching in January of 2023.

If you or your team would be interested in completing some online Lean or Six Sigma training, completing a kaizen event or a Six Sigma project, and obtaining a certification, I have three approaches that might work for you at different price points:

  1. Do It With Me (Coaching) – We work closely with you to keep you on track with the training, and we help you with your Six Sigma project or Lean event over a 4-month period. Best combination of self-learning and mentoring.
  2. Do It Yourself (DIY) – You complete the training and project/event primarily by yourself, with a few hours of our support. Lowest cost option but requires self-discipline.
  3. Do It For Me (Consulting) – We take the lead on your Six Sigma project or Lean event, and coach/mentor you as needed, with focus on getting tangible results as quickly as possible. Most expensive but effective option.


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