Lean Six Sigma Bursts: E71: New book release, Lean Six Sigma for Good (Volume 2)

In this episode, I discuss a project I’m really excited about, the 2nd book release in the Lean Six Sigma for Good book series.

This is the 2nd collection of real-life experiences and stories from Lean and Six Sigma practitioners who have spent time at the “gemba” with not-for-profit organizations. They have generously offered to write a chapter about lessons learned and tools they have applied. There are 8 chapters in total.

  • Joe Wojniak and Lynn McCullough: Improving Thrift Shop Donations (interview with authors) – Proceeds donated to TRU Community Care
  • Tim Turner: Helping Others By Following The Toyota Way (podcast interview with Tim) – Proceeds donated to Center for Quality People and Organizations (CQPO)
  • Douglas Cooper: Lessons from Liberia – Standard Work as the Foundation for Lean Practices – Proceeds donated to Mercy Corps
  • Anita Havemann: Reducing Time and Complexity in Nonprofit Accounting – Proceeds donated to Relay Resources
  • Steve Bell: Simple Framework for Complex Problems – Proceeds donated to Lean4NGO.org
  • lisabeth Swan: Leaning into the Mission of Childcare (podcast interview with Elisabeth) – Proceeds donated to Cape Cod Children’s Place
  • Tracy O’Rourke: Increasing Meals Per Hour with Kitchens for Good (podcast interview with Tracy) – Proceeds donated to Kitchens for Good
  • Joy E. Mason: Using Six Sigma to Address Racial Equity (podcast interview with Joy) – Proceeds donated to The Six Sigma Racial Equity Institute

I think this is a great book to share with potential volunteers, or nonprofits or public service agencies wanting to learn more about how Lean or Six Sigma can be applied to their organizations.


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