Lean Six Sigma Bursts: E80: Reduce environmental impacts in your business with Ecology’s Lean/Green program

In this episode, I discuss the Washington State Department of Ecology Lean and Green program that I've been supporting the last few years as a consultant. The audio is an interview with the program administrator and my contact point at Ecology, Hugh O'Neill. He shares how this program can help businesses save money, reduce their environmental impact and engage employees. If you are a business in Washington that might be interested, check out the links below. If you're outside of Washington, contact me to learn how we can help you with a customized program. I also invite you to check out my other podcast, “Lean Six Sigma for Good” if you're interested in environmental and societal improvements.

p.s. Hugh is retiring this year, and I'd like to personally thank him for all his work on this topic, and including me in their very important work. You will be missed!


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