Lean Six Sigma Bursts: E99: Excerpt from the book, “Lean Six Sigma for Good – Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1)”

In episode 97, we released an excerpt by Elisabeth Swan from
“Lean Six Sigma for Good: Lessons from the Gemba (Volume 1)”

This is an excerpt from the audiobook version Volume 1.

I share the story of running a small nonprofit organization in Portland, called Recycling Advocates (now called Waste-free Advocates). We created a fundraiser conference called Zero Waste Conference, to promote the reduction of items going to the landfill.

I was able to incorporate some Lean and Six Sigma principles to the event planning to prevent issues like parking confusion, sign-in delays, seating charts, predicting show up rates, and much more. The entire chapter requires the purchase of the book, but remember that the proceeds from the book sales supports the nonprofit organizations selected by each of the 8 chapter authors.


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