My Favorite Mistake: 10: Sleep and Wellness Mistakes with Jane Wenning

Trainer, health coach, medical technologist

Show notes:

oining me for Episode #10 is Jane Wenning, a Certified Medical Technologist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Health Coach who has been helping women improve their mental and physical health for over 20 years.

More from her bio: “During her high school and college years, she was overweight, struggling with eating disorders, had low self-esteem, and experienced brain fog. After having two unhealthy but successful pregnancies, she struggled with postpartum depression and knew she had to make health changes if she wanted to welcome a third child into the world. She spent hundreds of hours studying and researching nutrition, brain health, longevity, sleep, emotional intelligence, interval training, fasting and epigenetics and estrogenics. She now equips business professionals with the tools needed to become leaner, stronger, healthier, and create changes that lasts beyond retirement.”

Today, Jane shares her “favorite mistake” about sleep and how she learned to adjust her lifestyle and schedule to allow for proper restorative sleep. How does somebody know if they don’t need as much sleep as others versus being truly sleep deprived (and being in denial about it).

You can learn more about her at her website These
“four pillars” of wellness are recovery, emotional energy, nutrition, and movement.You can also find her on Instagram.

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