My Favorite Mistake: 12: “Chasing Shiny Objects” as an Entrepreneur with Angel Cellucci

Nurse practitioner, entrepreneur, CEO of two companies

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #12 is Angel Cellucci, a nurse practitioner and an entrepreneur. She is owner and CEO of two firms related to fighting medical billing fraud and mistakes: Medical Fraud Fighters and Overbrook Consultants, Angel is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. She has been a nurse for over 20 years and a Family Nurse Practitioner for almost 10.

In the episode, Angel shares her favorite mistake of “chasing shiny objects” as a new entrepreneur — what she means by that and what she’s learned from that. We also talk about her work and passion around medical billing mistakes and what patients can do to protect themselves from that. Is that problem with your bill (and 93% have an error) a mistake or is it intentional? Human error or blatant fraud?

She has a free eBook available on her website: “The 5 Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself From Medical Fraud & Abuse.”

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