My Favorite Mistake: 13: Viewing Business Relationships as Transactions with Brian Bogert

Professional speaker, peak performance coach, entrepreneur

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #13 is Brian Bogert. He is the President/Owner of the Brian Bogert Companies, LLC.

Brian is a professional speaker and peak performance coach to executives, entrepreneurs, athletes and others looking to unlock what is inside. As his bio says, he lives his life by the “if and how I can help” principle, which impacts everything he touches. His ability to provide energy and encouragement to those he interacts with inspires them to make their best even better.

In this episode, Brian talks about the mistake of “viewing a relationship as a transaction.” He tells a story about some promotional gifts that he had sent out to some potential clients — and a mistake he made in going from an approach that worked to an approach that actually angered some people. He talks about important behaviors, such as being intentional, pausing before reacting, and embracing pain as a way to reduce suffering. Brian also shares lessons learned from the pain of living with and recovering from a childhood accident that detached his left arm… and how he has overcome this to adjust and thrive.

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