My Favorite Mistake: 15: Rico Racosky on “Just 2 Choices” — Art or Aviation, Fighter Jets or Transport Planes

Retired Air Force pilot and Southwest pilot, book author

Show notes

My guest for Episode #15 of “My Favorite Mistake” is Rico Racosky, a retired 737 pilot for Southwest Airlines, who previously flew jets in the United States Air Force — fighter jets ((F-16 and A-7) and transports (C-141).

From his bio:

“Rico grew up in a small coal mining town full of self-doubt and lacked a clear direction in life. Along the way to living his dream of becoming a fighter jet and airline pilot, he developed a strategy for clear and effective decision-making that launched his entrepreneurial path, and he’s now determined to share his strategy and impact as many people as possible.”

In today’s episode, Rico shares his “favorite mistake” regarding a choice that he had to make during his Air Force career. We also talk about his “Just 2 Choices” framework that was developed through his time in the cockpit — he’s the author of the book Just 2 Choices… It’s Your Life. In the episode, we also talk about his choice to not become an artist (and Mark’s similar life choice to not become a musician). We also discuss the importance of good decisions as a pilot and how sometimes we need to prevent mistakes instead of just learning from them after the fact.

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