My Favorite Mistake: 2: Congressman Will Hurd, Learning From a Campaign Mistake and Lessons From the CIA

Republican Representative from Texas

Show notes:

My guest for Episode #2 is not currently a business leader, but he is going back into the private sector in January 2021. He is Congressman Will Hurd, a Republican representing Texas’s 23rd Congressional District.

Hurd was student body president at Texas A&M University,he served as a CIA undercover operations officer including stints in the field in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.After working for a cybersecurity company, he was elected to the House in 2014.

Today, the Congressman talks about his “favorite mistake,” which includes his lessons learned from running and losing his first election in a runoff. We’ll also hear about his experiences in the CIA and how they focus on training — and executing the mundane tasks perfectly — as a way to prevent bigger, catastrophic mistakes.

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