My Favorite Mistake: 3: Karyn Ross on Her Favorite Travel Mistake & Being Kind to Oneself

Author and consultant, entrepreneur, kindness enthusiast

Show notes:

Joining me for Episode #3 is Karyn Ross, an author and consultant who also works in my field of the “Lean” management system. Today, Karyn will talk about her favorite travel-related mistake and what she learned from that. We’ll also talk about how we can be kind in our coaching of others (and how we can be kind toward ourselves when we make mistakes).

Her books:

The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations

How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence: A Lean Coaching Workbook.

Think Kindly – Speak Kindly – Act Kindly: 366 Easy and Free Ideas You Can Use to Create a Kinder World…Starting Today!

Big Karma and Little Kosmo Help Each Other

Karyn signed a deal with a publisher for a new book, The Kind Leader.

Please also check out Karyn’s non-profit, The Love and Kindness Project Foundation.

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