My Favorite Mistake: 4: Jim Benson on “My Favorite Mistake” in Consulting With Clients

Consultant, author, “Personal Kanban” expert


My guest for Episode #4 is Jim Benson, the creator of the “Personal Kanban” method and an expert making work flow and decisions easy. He is the CEO of Modus Cooperandi and is a Founding Partner in Modus Institute. And, he’s co-creator of the “Lean Coffee” meeting format.

Today, Jim shares a story about working his mistakes and assumptions that he made when working with a large telecom / communications clients that had thrown out the new cross-functional way of working that Jim had helped them put in place. It’s a mistake that was humbling to Jim and a mistake that he cheerfully learned from.

Jim is co-author of the book Personal Kanban: Mapping Work | Navigating Life. You can find him on Twitter as @ourfounder.

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