My Favorite Mistake: 8: The Question That Changed Everything for Jamie V. Parker as a Leader

Consultant, podcaster, entrepreneur

Show notes and transcript:

My guest for Episode #8 is Jamie V. Parker, the founder of her consulting firm, Process Plus Results, where she is a trainer, speaker, and coach. She is also the host of a podcast called Lean Leadership for Ops Managers.

As many guests have said, Jamie shares her favorite mistake that she’s made “so far.” She talks about working to change her leadership style away from the “command and control” approach that had been taught to her in the early stages of her leadership career. Jamie shares stories about a mistake she made in working to lead and coach others in a corporate setting. We’ll learn the “question that changed everything” for her as a leader and how she eventually figured out how to get through to one manager who was really resistant to her coaching.

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