My Favorite Mistake: Teaser: Representative Will Hurd (R-TX)

Preview of Episode 2:

While my new business podcast “My Favorite Mistake” will focus on leaders from startups (and more mature companies), I found the opportunity to interview Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX). He will be leaving Congress after this term to return to the private sector.

When I publish the full episode, you’ll hear him reflect on lessons learned from a mistake from the early days of his time in politics. I appreciate and admire the congressman’s willingness to admit a mistake, to take ownership of it, and to learn and move forward, leading to more success in the future.

That’s what this podcast is all about… he’ll probably be the only politician I’ll have on the show, but we connect dots between leadership in politics and business… how the “Lean Startup” methodology can lead to learning and iteration in any endeavor.

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