The Edges of Lean — Episode 16: Continuous Improvement and Encouragement

My guest today, Dale Power, says that encouragement is rocket fuel. She’s seen encouragement change lives and today she’s going to share her passion project and help us see how we can use that rocket fuel to propel ourselves, our colleagues, and our families in our continuous improvement journeys. Dale Power is a creative connector of ideas, people, and organizations. She has been a Founder of the Outreach Division of a school for children with different learning abilities, a Non-Profit that connects the professionals who work with those children, and now The Encouragement Project. She has owned a catering company, worked as a professional clown, and for the last 21 years, owned Big Shoes Marketing, a brand consultancy. She is now turning her passion to her newest endeavor: The Encouragement Project having learned that encouragement is as powerful as rocket fuel when used properly. She teaches the skills and tools that when practiced have the ability to make a better world for businesses and individuals.


Who are you going to encourage today? You can connect with Dale at The Please join me in exploring more of the Edges of Lean! There’s a lot to learn. And check out my friends in the lean communicators community at You’ll find more podcasts and videos – with lots of great new content every week. The Edges of Lean is written and produced by Bella Englebach. This is a Lean for Humans production.