The Edges of Lean — Episode 20: Continuous Improvement and the Tin Hats

Have you had your lean thinking history lessons?  We are told that what we call lean is derived from the Toyota production system, and that is true. But there’s more to the story. Lean principles are found in many places and situations beyond Toyota – that is what this podcast is all about.  You may know the story of the P51 Mustang fighter aircraft and how it was developed in a record 12 months, during World War II, which is often touted as an example of lean thinking outside of Toyota. My guest, Ruth Stanley, has another war-time story of lean thinking to share, and it is about her member of her own family.  Ruth Stanley is the Founder of Boann Consulting, and she is ASQ’s Deputy Region Director for the Canada Greenland Region  She is a blogger, Storyteller, Presenter, Mentor , and the author of “A Different Kind of Bombshell: The Tin Hats’ Journey Through World War II”

What lean stories can you learn from your family’s past?  No matter where you listen, your ratings, reviews, and comments are greatly appreciated!

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The Edges of Lean is written and produced by Bella Englebach.  This is a Lean for Humans production.