The Edges of Lean — Episode 29: Continuous Improvement and Being a People Pleaser

Continuous Improvement and Being a People Pleaser As continuous improvement professionals, we relish the work of helping others to become better problem-solvers, But sometimes this as lead to an over-reliance on people pleasing, and as a result, not developing and wielding our own personal power. Brenda Florida joins me and shares her insights on moving away from people-pleasing, building our personal power, and understanding why people-pleasing is counter-productive to a lean culture.

BRENDA FLORIDA Brenda is a Certified Life Coach, Lifestyle Adviser, and podcast host. She teaches how to live your best life and how to liberate your authentic power and unique self-expression.


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Key topics in this podcast:

Brenda’s background and Coaching career

People-pleasing explained Setting boundaries on helping others

The difference between inner wisdom and anxiety Importance of self-growth


KEY TAKEAWAYS We should set boundaries so that other people can learn more about helping themselves.

We only have power in our own lives and not with other’s life Everyone should make a fair contribution of role in a team or project

Some people pleasers can experience resentment

Managers should seek to understand what’s going on inside the company

We must focus on ourselves and not always please others

Words of wisdom or Tweet-ables


Brenda Florida:

“I think the most important thing is to remember to really stay in your own sandbox and to develop your skills. “

“Learn about yourself and learn how to set boundaries,”