The Edges of Lean — Episode 32 Continuous Improvement and Connecting Your Team with Barry Moline

How do you build a winning team? It’s not just about hiring the best people or getting them to work together. You need to create an environment where they can be themselves and feel connected to the organization. Today, Barry Moline discusses how important it is in building a good environment for an organization where connection and collaboration are important ingredients for success. 


Barry Moline 

Barry is a Keynote Speaker on Building Connection, Inclusion & Great Teams in an Online World; Lead at Every Level; and CEO/Executive Director at California Municipal Utilities Association and the author of the book “Connect: How to Quickly Collaborate for Success In Business and  Life” 




Website: OR  (for the list of icebreakers)


        Key topics in this podcast:

  • Barry’s career background
  • Collaboration and connection explained
  • “Connect” the book
  • Political polarization or polarization 
  • Trigger words
  • Rebuilding connection and collaboration
  • How to build connections within an organization?
  • How to develop a team?
  • Effective Ice breakers
  • Team engagement 
  • Get along and make connections with others.
  • Advice to a young person working in a team.



  • The book “Connect” explores how to collaborate with people quickly.
  • Organizational success and collaboration.
  • Barry discusses the importance of choosing words well, and how choosing a wrong word may be seen as offensive to another person.
  • The benefits to engaging with someone and having common interests.
  • A bad boss can lead to a lot of people leaving the organization.
  • Icebreakers are effective to build connection
  • Companies that engage with their employees are 84% more productive
  • Barry hires people based on how well they get along in a team. 

Words of wisdom or Tweet-ables 

Barry Moline

  •  “Be accountable,  and that means, whatever you do, take responsibility, know you’re doing something, do the best you can”

  • “If you’re responsible for getting something done, get it done “