The Edges of Lean — Episode 37 Continuous Improvement in Plain Language with Bruno Pešec


Linguistic barriers are common in any business, but they can be especially challenging when you’re working with different languages. Today I will speak to Bruno Pešec about the importance of plain language and applying lean ideas across an organization whether your team speaks English (or lean!) or not!



Bruno Pešec helps business leaders innovate profitably, leveraging his broad experience from different industries – including defense, manufacturing, education, and financial services.

He is an active member in the global startup community, co-founder of Norwegian Lean Startup Circle, and Founder of Institute Norway. Bruno is the co-creator of Playing Lean, an award-winning board game for teaching entrepreneurship and innovation.




Twitter: brunopesec



Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Bruno’s journey and career background
  • How does he bring lean ideas and thinking to Toyota Production System
  • Understanding language barrier
  • Importance of using plain language
  • How does using jargon create an entry barrier? 
  • How he applied his experience and expertise to help his clients
  • What are the biggest challenges in his field? 
  • Importance of vertical slice in organization
  • What is “Playing Lean” all about
  • Bruno’s upcoming book 
  • Advice to young people 


  • Bruno found his passion in Toyota Production System, but he wanted to bring lean thinking and principles into the company. Unfortunately for him, it was hard because of language barriers
  • Plain language makes it easier for anyone, even those who don’t know the technical jargon associated with certain topics.
  • When you use jargon words, it creates an entry barrier because these special terms are only understood by those in the industry. This makes talking like this sound exclusive and elitist. That doesn’t align with being inclusive for everyone else who wants to learn!
  • Bruno’s knowledge and experience as an expert in his field are put to use for the benefit of clients, with whom he helps share his lean or innovative ideas with others.
  • Playing Lean is an excellent game to create an understanding of lean startup 


Memorable Quotes From Bruno Pesec


‘’ First, is understanding that everybody learns differently, including you, as a young person. So some things that worked for others might not work for you. And second, learning how to learn is one of the most scalable skills, the earlier in life, you learn that the more reward you will get out of it. “