The Edges of Lean — Episode 38Continuous Improvement and Telling the Truth with Arnoud Herremans

 Continuous Improvement and Telling the Truth About Yourself with  Arnoud Herremans


Telling the truth is important. But what happens when telling the truth about what you are feeling isn’t comfortable, or you’re concerned about how it will impact other people?  !

Arnoud Herremans reached out to me after he attended a webinar I gave – and he shared a brilliant insight that I want you all to hear. Arnoud will uncover why is it important to tell the truth about yourself, so listen in and learn more about it



Dr. Arnoud Herremans is a psychologist by training and holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and he is experienced in pharmaceutical research as a researcher and manager, he is also a founder and CEO of Y47 provides a service to introduce processes that continuously improve workflow and bring Innovation Excellence to Life Science and Chemical organizations where research is an important part of daily life. The center of Arnoud’s service is Lean Thinking. builds a mindset in every employee to clearly identify problems in their work processes. By creating awareness, it is possible to learn how to analyze and improve these processes in a way that is rather “not telling what to do” but teaching how to identify and change unproductive habits and procedures







Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Arnoud’s journey and career background
  • Understanding the brain’s reactions to to new or threatening ideas 
  • Importance of being honest about yourself 
  • The “fight or flight” reaction explained
  • Reasons why we feel uneasy or uncomfortable in a meeting or a particular situation
  • How do we balance working formally (setting aside emotions) and being authentic? 
  • Difference and similarities between product development and operations
  • Learning cadence explained


  • It is imperative that we normalize the conversation about what it means to disagree with other people. We need more open discussions, less shame, and guilt
  • We all have a natural response to certain situations: the way we feel and think about things is determined by the environment in which they occur, and our own past history.
  • When we speak up about what’s in our minds and tell the truth, we actually create a psychologically safe environment for others.
  • We feel uncomfortable when what happens is different than what we expected, and that is normal
  • Telling the truth and speaking up are two important keys to resolving issues for both parties.
  • We have a tendency to get frustrated about our reactions at work, but it is important for us not to be reactive. 

Memorable Quotes From Arnoud Herremans

‘’ You have to find your own voice, who you are as a person:  in your work, in what you do. Because if you know that, and there’s only one person that can be that is best at doing that, and that’s YOU, yourself, you’re the best person at being you. And trying to find that and living to that and constantly reflecting on is “This, is this really me?’ “is this is what I enjoy?” is  where quality is. Build on that!””