The Edges of Lean — Episode 39 Continuous Improvement and Collaborative Leadership with Teri Beckman

Collaborative leadership is the key to success for organizations struggling with siloed decision-making and collaboration. Teri Beckman joins me, discussing how an absence of common goals can lead companies down a path from which they may never recover. Why does having a shared goal play such an important role in a company’s successes? Listen in to our conversation to learn about what it really means when we say “We’re all on board!”


Teri is CEO of HIGOl:  “We help purpose-driven CEOs align their people, boards, and financial resources to increase revenue and community impact”






Key Topics in this podcast:

  • Teri’s career and company HiGOI background
  • Where does Lean originate from?
  • Lean Refugee explained
  • Siloed leadership in organizations
  • What is leadership collaboration all about?
  • Why is giving up control and authority the scariest thing?
  • How to handle employees who are not performing well: What is the process?
  • How to engage volunteers in a collaborative leadership perspective?




  • Employees are less likely to feel like their voice is heard if they can’t participate in discussions about what needs improvement.
  • A company should have a way for employees to voice their opinions.
  • Executive teams can have siloed leadership that cuts off the potential for the company.
  • Collaborative leadership is where the team works together to achieve common goals.
  • The leader needs to be willing to trust and develop different kinds of relationships with their direct reports.
  • If we don’t teach our young adults how to work together, the future won’t be good.
  • To gain strategic insights from executives, you must be vulnerable and get them in on the process.


Memorable Quotes From Teri Beckman


  • ‘’ Take the time to get to know yourself on a deeper level. And that means maybe some time off from the computer off of your devices. So that, you know, you can know yourself on a deeper level and begin to trust yourself.”


  • “You have everything you need to have success in life; to have joy, happiness, you really do. The messaging that there’s something wrong with us that we have to fix, that we have to make a certain amount of money by a certain point, that we have to get married by a certain time. Those are all artificial constructs”